I am a player
I love to play
I want to win
It matters to me if I win or lose
It matters to me how I play the game
I want to win without injustice or bad luck or regret
I want to own every pleasure and disappointment
I want to get lost in play
I want time not to matter
I want to do something more important than me
I cannot win alone
I need my teammates and my opponents to make me better
I trust, because I have to trust
I forgive, because I need to be forgiven
I play a game, not only a game
I try because that matters to me
I try because it’s more fun that way
I don’t quit because it doesn’t feel good when I do
I play with others, but I play against me
I learn when I play
I play when I learn
I practice because I like to be good
I try what I’ve never tried before
I fail, to fail smarter
I want to be better than I was yesterday

I dream
I imagine
I feel hard and deep
I hope, because there’s always a way.

by Ken Dryden